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Week in Review

Nick mentioned to me last week that he needed to take a business trip up north for a conference.  It was located at a drivable location so I had the option of actually attending this time.  It took me a millisecond to weigh this decision:  

Option A:  Stay at home in isolation with two little terrors


Option B: Hang out in a hotel for a week of no dishes, no garden chores, no kiddos to clean up after...  oh and no dinner making.

So I spent a nice week of sloth and gluttony.  That's right; sweet, lazy bliss.  :)

pics removed
Enjoying a little Mexican.

Did any of y'all see yesterday's Today Show?  It was "NO makeup day" so all the ladies didn't wear makeup (oddly, men were allowed).   Nowadays I think I'm lucky to get out of the house with a smudge of mascara and maybe some lip gloss (as I did above).  But now, as it has been revealed in the same photo, I seem to have lost a good bit of my eyebrow hair.  I'm hoping they just got lost in the camera flash.  If not, I might want to consider an eyebrow pencil or maybe some old lady eyebrow tattoos.


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Pixel Scrapper June Challenge - Yesteryear Mini Kit

I had so much fun making the artwork for this one.  I started with some papers, then made some old things, then went back to making papers again.  The colors were beautiful and muted for this challenge.  I hope you like them.  Enjoy!  :)
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Low Fat, Vegan, Spicy Senegalese Peanut Soup

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While experimenting, I tried versions with lite coconut milk.  I figured if it worked, I'd then work on finding a lower fat alternative but it really didn't add much at all to the dish.  I ended up omitting it all together.  By contrast, the curry powder was absolutely critical.  It added incredible depth to the soup.  I used Tandoori seasoning (my favorite curry powder blend by Penzey's).

I was able to reduce the fat in this dish quite a bit by using PB2 in lieu of full fat peanut butter.  Powdered peanut butter has all of the flavor of peanut butter but 85% less fat.  You can find it at the link I provided or…

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Most of the time I just use whatever freebies I can find but I wasn't able to find a lot of scrapbooking elements and papers to properly document my Thailand travels so I decided to create my own.  Thailand is a very vibrant country and I went with very saturated colors to reflect that.

I hope you are able to enjoy this freebie.   Please feel free to leave me a link to what you create with it!  You can download this kit for personal use only here at dropbox.

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