Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Couponing for Seafood

It really pays to scan the wine and beer aisles for coupons and rebates because sometimes you can combine the offers for amazing deals.

For instance, today I bought:
Beautiful X-Large Wild Caught Shrimp on sale for $6.99 pound at Harris Teeter
I bought 1.5 lbs. for  a total of $10.50.
then I used a wine tag for $1 off seafood (instant savings) which doubled because coupons double this week
=$8.50 for 1.5 lbs.
then I will send in a beer rebate for $5 off of a purchase of $10 or more of seafood (they don't care about the coupons, as long as the original price is greater than 10 bucks)
=$3.50 for 1.5 lbs. of shrimp OR $2.30 a pound for shrimp

I did a very similar deal with chicken.
2.5 lbs. of chicken breast were on sale at HT for $4.99 ea. (1.99 lb.)  I bought three packages for a total of $14.99
Then I used a 1.00 off of chicken wine tag (instant savings) which doubled (I used 3 of them for $6 off)
=$8.99 for (3) 2.5 lb. packages of chicken
then subtract the $6 beer mail in rebate when I buy 10 bucks or more of chicken
=$2.99 for (3) 2.5 lb. packages or .39/lb. for chicken breast
Now it isn't local and not sustainable.  We are working going more that route by buying in bulk but we can't do that until we buy a gigantic freezer.  If I keep making amazing deals like that we should have the money saved up for that in no time.  For now, it just going to have to work this way. 

I have even better rebates on seafood and meat that don't require a wine or beer purchase.  One will give me $5 off when I buy $5 or more of seafood.  That's basically free seafood!  Those don't expire as quickly as the one's above though so I'll wait for another deal to get my money's worth for those. 

Pretty incredible huh?!  We love seafood but it's so expensive.  It's nice to be able to get the good stuff and still stick within a budget!



Blogger Sara L said...

I am completely jealous - no wine tags or beer rebates here in DE. Are you finding these in the regular grocery stores or in liquor stores?

July 5, 2010 at 1:15 PM  

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