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Monday Garden Update! and Weekend in Review!

There wasn't much going in the garden this week, mainly because we were a little busy preparing for an extra special GreenEyes celebration weekend.  He turned two last week!

G-ma came down to celebrate on Friday.  Then Saturday, we had a few good friends over for some debauchery...  a.k.a. some slip n' slidin' and barbequein'.  I'd include pictures here but I promised no posting of pictures without permission and I don't have permission, go figure!!  I'll just have to settle for my husband's grillin' pic...  *sigh*.

pics removed

Despite all the chaos, we did manage to get a little done in the garden.  Nick picked a giant tub of green beans.  This was only from the first bit I planted.  I planted about 4 times that so we will be expecting an onslaught in a few more weeks.  Needless to say we can't eat them all so I got busy preserving them today.

In other garden news, we have our first ripe big boy tomato!!  It's the first of the big tomatoes to ripen so we are thrilled!!!

I think that's it for us this week!  For more garden fun, check out Feet off the Table's Monday Garden Club!


Aliceson said…
Awesome weekend!

I love the color combination of the 2 beans! They will be a great treat this coming winter.

Grabbed your link!
sheila said…
I agree with Aliceson and the color combo! ANd that's a nice lookin tomato! I'm STILL waiting for the couple I have to turn red. They've been green for like 3 weeks! What the heck?
Julia said…
Sounds like a great time!

Sorry for not stopping by last week but thanks for the balloon tip. So far the cds seem to be working but I bookmarked that site just in case.

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