Friday, January 16, 2009

A Goodbye to Grandpa John

I drove out to Fredericksburg alone with the kids to say goodbye to their great-grandfather John (he is technically my step-grandfather but I knew him better then any of my biological grandfathers). It was really sad, but he will be in better hands. He is heading out to California to live with his biological son, Don. He had been living with his ex-grandson-in-law which was really a terrible situation.

While I was there, grandpa informed me that during WWII he had spent some time in France. In fact, he met a nice girl there but he never acted on it because he was married. When he got back, his lady had two men on the side. Of course, this all happens for a reason. Later, he'd meet my grandmother (his second wife) and make her a very happy woman. She's been gone for a little over a year now.

On the way there, Ladybug vomited in the car. I witnessed it all in my rear view mirror. She did that on our last Fredericksburg trip. I guess I need to take the country curves a little easier.

Kid Update: Green Eyes can now hold his own bottle (albeit not for very long.) Exciting!

Cutie, huh?


Blogger E4H said...

try motion sickness pills (if you are medication friendly - worke wonders on my dog in HS)

January 21, 2009 at 1:49 PM  

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