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Mom's Gotta Vent from Time to Time #1

Vent #1:

Who hasn't gotten a new phone number only to find that person was being followed relentlessly by debt collectors? The last person to have our phone number was deep in debt. We get so many GD (gosh darn, sure...) calls from her old creditors. It's driving me up the wall!! Every other day it's a new one. And, it appears the chick is still using our number as a reference. Seriously?

Vent #2:

I'm all for Obama's plan to inlay the infrastructure required for fast internet connections out in the rural parts of our country. Currently, we pay 70 bucks a month for a HORRIBLE satellite internet service (hughes net). You have no idea how horrible it is. Unfortunately, we have no choice. DSL doesn't exist out here. Our service is slower then DSL but we are charged more. Let's not even talk about how much it cost to install.

Vent #3:

All of a sudden I'm getting ear infections every other month. WTH (heck), I mean, I'm 32 and I'm reliving my second grade year all over again?

General Observation:

When it seems like too long to wait for the one or two minutes it takes to make fish sticksin the microwave, then you know it's time to work on your patience.


Darian said…
All of a sudden I'm getting ear infections every other month.

I wonder if its the humidity of the east coast?
Megan said…
I understand the internet problem! Ann and Borum still have dial up so I pull my hair out everytime I go "home"! Dad went to verizon and got their boradband internet. Its about $60 a month but its like a jumpdrive you plug into your computer and you get internet from verizon. The great thing about it is if ya'll have a laptop, you can bring it with you anywhere and get online..

And, I've had an ear infection for about a week now! Good luck with yours!

Sorry I missed you guys, hope ya'll are having a wonderful new year thus far!
believe it or not cell phones don't work out here... i guess we are that far out! crazy.

i think darian might be on to something...
Darian said…
The reason I mention the humidity, we had some friends from Texas. They lived here for (20+) several years, he came down with a few ailments, sadly I don't remember them all. With age he started loosing his sight (not one of said ailments) they moved back to Texas and the dry heat, and his non-serious ailments cleared up. something to research :)

Have a great 01/20/09! I know you are :)
E4H said…
have you tried sprint?

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