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Hiking Pics

It's been a jammed pack weekend. Saturday, we ran our long run in the morning and then spent the rest of the day getting our garden planted.

On Sunday, we went hiking on a tiny section of the AT. With the extra 40 pounds of kiddos, packs and water, the easy parts felt moderate and the moderate parts felt pretty darn difficult. Still, we forged ahead and had a great time with this beautiful weather.

It was perfect weather on the mountain, much cooler then in the valley below. We are guessing the upper 70's.

Above: Pic of Ladybug and Nick. Below: Pic of GreenEyes

Below: A pick of GreenEyes and I.

Definitely a great weekend. Nick took some comp time today so we could have a day of rest as well!


Aliceson said…
The weather looks great, but the kids look heavy. :)
jenn said…
Those are great- could you imagine H. on my back? LOL boy that would cause some weight loss or loss of my back: I'm thinking the latter comes first!
We should go hiking in the fall..I'll make J. walk the whole thing! Nothing says nature like a nice long hike. It's been years- like since 9th grade! Sad I know!
SamJ said…
holy kid carrier batman

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