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Meatless Dinners: Smoky, Spicy Portobello Tacos

I'm LOVING trying all these new recipes right now.  It's really encouraging.  I'm learning that meals can be quite tasty under my new, plant only parameters.  Provided I keep portions in control, meeting salt requirements is doable.  

These spicy portobello tacos are awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I found them here. I modified the recipe to be reduced sodium and low fat (I took out the olive oil and replaced it with some water.)  I also used the baby portobellos I had on hand because they were on sale.  I think next time (because there is so much sodium in the peppers packed in adobe sauce) that I will exclude the tamari all together or use only 1/2 of it.

It's important to note that these tacos are spicy, so they aren't necessarily appropriate for kids. I suggest making a bean and veggie taco for them instead. I made only 1/2 the recipe for Nick and I. These came together in a hurry and are Nick approved.  I was shocked he didn't even want sour cream or chee…

Meatless Dinners: Portabello "Steaks"

Wow, the meals are getting better!

Today's experiment ended up quite delicious.  I made juicy, meaty portabello steaks with potatoes (seasoned with a no salt seasoning) and some garlicky greenbeans (again no salt).  The result was YUM!  Thanks again to Happy Herbivore for the portabello steak recipe!  There were a few things I changed to the recipe.  I used reduced sodium tamari sauce in lieu of soy sauce and I didn't use any sherry/mirin nor any additional salt to sprinkle at the end.  The meal was tasty enough without!

I will be adding these to the rotation for sure.  The entire "steak" is a whopping 55 calories.  I was thinking, being the frugal person I am, I should include in each blog post a cost analysis of each meal per serving.  I'll go back and edit the old posts too.

4 portabello steaks - $6
some regular potatoes - $1
1 small onion - $.50
3 garlic cloves - $.25
green beans (premium frozen packaged) - $2.20
=about $10 for the meal or $2.50 per serving …

Meatless Dinners: "Meat"ball Subs

Today was a bit of a "cheat" day for me.  We like to go out once a week to a restaurant of some kind and to be honest, I like that part of the week!  We love Qdoba because the kids eat free on Sunday and we get out of there cheap and the food is fresh.   We actually tried Chipotle in town first but the line wrapped around so long and there were no tables available.  So on to Qdoba we went.

The old me would order the You Pick Two Combo with tortilla soup and 2 chicken tacos without cheese but maybe a dash of sour cream for flavor.  The new vegan me went for the veggie burrito with black beans and no sour cream nor cheese (and I ate only half of the tortilla and picked out some rice at that.)  In hindsight I should have maybe stuck to the salad as there was way too much refined, white flour and rice in the meal even taking off half the tortilla.  I went to the Qdoba website and calculated my salt intake, calories, etc. and the meal had a little over 1,000g of sodium and 580 ca…

Meatless Dinners: Bean and Veggie Fajitas

Before this lifestyle change I would often go meatless on fajita night, so that is nothing new. I even went with the whole wheat tortilla.  The only thing I'm not doing differently is not adding sour cream and cheese and salty seasonings.  I'm also now adding mashed seasoned (little to no salt) beans to the fajita to help add dimension and flavor.

I made some fresh homemade pico de gallo in a flash using Bragg's Amino Acids in lieu of salt.

I used two roma tomatoes
1/4 of a sweet onion minced fine
a pinch of onion powder
a pinch of garlic powder
a pinch of ground cumin
a squeeze of lime
Bragg's amino Acid in lieu of salt

It was a virtual cornucopia of veggies last night between the pico, the New Mexico green chile peppers (Anaheims), and fajita veggies.

And ever so tasty.

Cost Break Down:
Fajitas: Whole Wheat Tortillas $3 1 can beans $1 8 oz. mushrooms $2 onion $1 peppers $2 lime seasonings 
Homemade Salsa 2 roma tomatoes $1 cilantro $.60 onion $.50 lime $.25
=$11.35 for the m…

Four Days Plant Strong

I already eat a low fat diet with a decent amount of veggies.  I was half veggie when I met my husband.  But Nick could never go for meat free anything and over the years we have incorporated meat into just about every meal except weekday breakfasts.  That said, the guy is way more open to food then when I met him.  He didn't used to like tomato sauce, pasta, chili, squash, etc.  He's come a long way.

I'm was surprised at how open he's been to this new lifestyle upon seeing the data.  I was turned onto this by a friend named Jill in ABQ who has been doing the lifestyle too after she attended a seminar by a cardiologist at Whole Foods.  Jill is in crazy good shape already but her husband has issues with heart disease in his family too.

To give this lifestyle a real shot at curing my high blood pressure, I decided to go feet first (though I'm not enforcing it with the kids or Nick except at the dinner table).  The book suggested a more subtle approach, but I'm …

Going Plant Strong

When I was pregnant, towards the end my body didn't like the strain of the extra 36-42 lbs I put on and I had pre-eclampsia every time.  It's not shocking... my mom and sister both had the same ordeal, though mine did seem to be less severe (which I attribute to a lot of exercise, like jogging).  By 4 weeks post partum my blood pressure would go back to normal except this last time it didn't!!!

So, doc said I needed to be put on BP meds for the time being, at least until I lost the 20 lbs of extra baby weight I was carrying.  Thankfully, through breastfeeding and running I lost that weight plus an extra 4.  Yay! So I went off the medication and my BP skyrocketed right back up.  I was having complications (a dry cough) with the last medication, so I was switched to a new one.  The small doses didn't seem to have an affect so now I'm on a full dose of Cozaar.  Not cool!!

So, I'm conducting an experiment and I am putting the Engine 2 Diet/Forks Over Knives lifest…