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Monday Garden Update

We finished harvesting our shallots and potatoes this week and we had quite the bounty.  I'm shocked and delighted by the results.  We will be definitely doing both again next year for sure!  The plunder has left the garden looking a little bare though.   It doesn't help that none of the brussel sprouts I planted in the lower level have srpouted either!  Oh well, we aren't big brussel sprout eaters anyway, just wanted to give it a go!

In other garden news, I'm almost ready to put the cauliflower and broccoli in jiffy pots.  It looks as though we only had a 75% germination success rate with them and I didn't plant much already because we only have but so much room in the garden so I'm a little disappointed by that.  Next time I'll have to plant extra in the event they don't all germinate like this time but have the will power to get rid of any extra if there isn't enough room in the garden instead of craming them in like I did this Spring!

Broccoli and Cauliflower growing underneath the house.

Our tomatoes are doing well for the most part although the roma tomatoes appear to be somewhat small.  The roma tomato plant suffered a setback early on with a mildew infestation.  We've been nursing it back to health with some organic anti-fungal spray.  All the new growth looks great so I'm kind of surprised they are still so small.  You can see the roma tomatoes in the picture below aren't but two to three times in length as the large grape tomatoes we have.  Let's hope they do better!

Big Boys, Roma and Grape Tomatoes

We've been continuing to harvest an AMAZING amount of green beans.  We are really going to love those this winter.  I'm glad I didn't hold back.  We've had several bushels fulls already and we have more to go!

The sunflowers I planted by the shed are not doing that great.  However, we have a bird feeder with sun flower seeds and below it we have many sunflowers that are going crazy.  So, I'd prefer to have them by the shed, but I'll settle our back yard!

I suppose that's all for this week!  For more garden reading check out Feet Off the Table's Monday Garden Club!


sheila said…
I think you're the only one with RED tomatoes! lol. Looking great this week!
Aliceson said…
Sheila's right! Mine are still green. Green beans freeze the best! So glad you went extra heavy on them!
Julia said…
You're tomatoes look great! They may be small but at least you have some! We have 1 tiny green one and we have 4 plants. We've had some success with our peas but haven't had one green bean yet.

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